Updates again…

Just a heads up…I quit working for We Got This Covered, so I guess my big opportunity to become a paparazzi reporter just passed me by.¬† ūüėĬ† No, I’m kidding.¬† I was only an entertainment news “reporter,” and not a very creative one at that.¬† I was merely retelling some other writer’s news scoops, which is not very complimentary (see this blog entry).¬† And their pay was…dismal.¬† Much worse than the Examiner’s pay rates, which are so meager already.

Now, I’m stuck writing for the Examiner again, with no tutoring prospects in sight.¬† And after yesterday’s entry…and they not paying me for a week’s worth of reviews…I am still very upset by the whole business of writing.¬† I guess I’ll have to console myself by reading more books…

Natalie Gorna

May 15th

I’ll start by stating that my movie review quota is going to reach 200 movie reviews in total for the Examiner by the end of this new week.¬† The book review quota will reach a total of 218 book reviews.

I finally am finished with the Harry Potter series.¬† Just yesterday, I published the 2 parts of my review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.¬† ūüôā¬† I have no regrets when it comes to reading the series from the first volume all the way to the last…it was worth it.

On the reading and writing¬†front: I’m busy.¬† Extremely busy¬†publishing reviews and news posts.¬† Enough said. ūüėČ

Natalie Gorna

Updates of May 11th

I got a job…another writing job.¬† No, I did not quit my Examiner jobs, I just added yet another low-paying online newspaper to my list of employers.¬† This time…I’m a reporter.¬† Kind of.¬†¬† I would define my new gig as¬†regurgitating information: I¬†digest other¬†reporters’¬†scoops on entertainment news stories by reading them thoroughly and then I “throw up” my¬†analysis¬†of the story by paraphrasing.¬†¬†We Got This Covered¬†is the lucky business who got to borrow my writing skills, although they seem to¬†be¬†doing well without me.¬† Anyway…now my weekdays and workdays (which are equivalent¬†to each other) are overwhelming.¬† I can’t separate¬†time for “relaxation” and time for work,¬†i.e. reading, writing, etc.¬† Oh well…all I can do is my best.¬† We Got This Covered has been added¬†to my links, and I’m also going to provide¬†a link to¬†a webpage containing an archive of all my work/publications for the site so far.

Natalie Gorna