Updates again…

Just a heads up…I quit working for We Got This Covered, so I guess my big opportunity to become a paparazzi reporter just passed me by.¬† ūüėĬ† No, I’m kidding.¬† I was only an entertainment news “reporter,” and not a very creative one at that.¬† I was merely retelling some other writer’s news scoops, which is not very complimentary (see this blog entry).¬† And their pay was…dismal.¬† Much worse than the Examiner’s pay rates, which are so meager already.

Now, I’m stuck writing for the Examiner again, with no tutoring prospects in sight.¬† And after yesterday’s entry…and they not paying me for a week’s worth of reviews…I am still very upset by the whole business of writing.¬† I guess I’ll have to console myself by reading more books…

Natalie Gorna

Protest against the Examiner

I hate the Examiner right now.¬† Really, they just won’t leave me alone with all this “local criteria” they keep throwing at me, as if I’m trash they want to get rid of or something.¬† You know how you try to investigate a problem with a business or service you use, but there’s never anyone around to talk to you and no one is looking you in the eye and giving you a direct explanation for all that crap the company’s being doing?¬† That’s the Examiner, 100%.¬† They are doing exactly that, and I HATE IT.¬† I can’t wait until their stupid current pay program is retired…and the Examiner¬†Review Team…I’m ready to go after them.¬†¬†Oh, and by the way, if my “employers” happening to be¬†reading this,¬†don’t you even dare to tell me to resign my posts, because an official complaint of how you are treating me and other Examiners is not a notice to resign.¬† I’m protesting.¬† And you should listen and make some necessary changes…like stop cheating Examiners on how much they should be paid for their work.¬† And stop sending me all those stupid rejections of how my articles do not meet “local criteria” when they do.

Natalie Gorna