The last day of September

Or in other words, the day before October 2012 starts.  My birthday is less than a month away…

How about that dashing Colin Morgan in the middle, almost snorting fire from his nostrils?

Anyway, I’m excited that the glorious day has finally come: season 2 of “Once Upon a Time” is premiering tonight, and season 5 of “Merlin” premieres this Saturday!  And of course, I’m now following this really cool dystopian show called “Revolution,” where Billy Burke shows off some impressive fighting skills…I kind of think it’s a companion show to “FlashForward,” which only had 1 season.

Yup, I’m a fan of all 3.  As for the Merlin poster, I just couldn’t resist.

And in response to my last blog entry, Now it’s personal, I’ve decided to take that leap of faith in my writing and go forward.  I won’t look back.  No matter what comes out of it, the results will be mine.  And the story will be mine.  And in the end, that’s what is important.  I want to see the fruits of my imagination and where it will take me.  It’s always been in control.  But when daydreaming has ended and I relinquish the reins anyway, what will my musings draw me, I wonder?  Therein lies the excitement and the challenge.  The challenge to create.  Bring it on.

Natalie Gorna

Review of “Island” (2011)

I think I first heard about the new production of Island because I was a devoted neophyte-fan of the British TV show Merlin.  When the lead star of a favorite show pursues an indie movie production role, you’re bound to hear about it.  My reaction to Colin Morgan being cast as Calum was a bit…different.  For one thing, I pursued the novel first instead of the movie itself.  After all, at that time Island was completely unavailable in my “neighborhood,” so watching the film and then reading the book it was based on was out of the question for me.  So I used the only tool available to me: my vast imagination.  And the text of the original work by Jane Rogers.

A brief summary of my experience: for the first time, I sampled adult fiction and decided I wanted a deeper taste.  I was prepared for everything and nothing.  I took a great plunge…and I was surprised.  True, I despised the exorbitant profanity that Nikki (the main character) used, but I actually delved hard into the themes of Island and found things in the story that I…liked.  Amazing as that can sound once you read the plot synopsis of the book.  I officially reviewed Island for the Examiner with relish and felt a twinge of triumph over having conquered my fear of the adult novel.

Next, I wanted to see the movie adaptation.  Obviously, to complete my experience.  I was also curious about how certain parts of the story would be handled visually in the film:

  • the island itself
  • Nikki and Calum’s incestuous relationship
  • the murder scene
  • the fairy tales
  • Nikki’s flashbacks and her fear of the lonely darkness

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