Uncertainty is a killer – so is inactivity

Thought #1: Me and the Examiner.  Not.  I’ve made my decision to publish infrequently in order to keep my webpages active, but I’m at a standstill.  What’s next, you think?  What direction I am headed in now?  Resounding silence from my creative spirit.  Of course.

Thought #2: I just looked at a site which compiled hundreds of freelance writing gigs.  I was immediately exhausted.  Totally exhausted.  One look, and you’d understand what I mean.

Thought #3: Why does there have to be a 2-week hiatus until the next Once Upon a Time episode?  They’re torturing us fans with suspense and longing over here. (loud growls from fellow spectators)

Thought #4 (a big one):  What do they mean, they don’t want any outside ideas for Merlin?  One of the best TV shows out there today and they won’t even consider new scriptwriters or even stupendous ideas for the plot!  Like mine, for example.

Now that Arthur and Gwen are married (thank you, season 4), the romantic spotlight has to be shifted significantly on either Merlin or the Knights of the Round Table.  First idea: Gwen has a job opening.  For a lady-in-waiting/servant.  Well, she was Morgana’s servant for years, after all.  And if Arthur has Merlin, why couldn’t Gwen have a lady-in-waiting?  After all, someone else needs to find out about Merlin’s secret, provide some sort of romantic touch to the story.  Perhaps this mysterious new female figure could be Merlin’s romance?  No worries about royal status.  She even become friends with Merlin and Gaius, be interested in magic.

From left to right: Guinevere, Gaius, Morgana,...
From left to right: Guinevere, Gaius, Morgana, Merlin, Arthur, and Uther

Or if this new girl turns out to be another traitor like Agravaine, we could look to the knights for an uplift.  Gawaine is pretty famous for his part in the Arthurian legend about Lady Ragnell.  I can totally see Merlin‘s Gawaine forced to marry an enchanted beastly woman on a matter of honor and then find true love when the spell is broken through the right actions of his own just heart.  Or what about Tristan?  Is he going to become a Knight of Camelot?  Don’t forget Mordred.  Not only does he know Merlin’s secret and his secret identity, he’s friends with Morgana.  Even in the “original” legends, Mordred spelled trouble in bold, big letters.  Then there’s the matter of the baby girl dragon, and Lancelot’s death.  I’ve been thinking about how Merlin deviates from the basics of many Arthurian legends but sticks to the true fundamentals, like how Merlin’s weakness is his compassionate heart or how Arthur’s weakness is his tendency to trust people too deeply and surely.  It’s a great show.  Season 5 is going to be big.  But I still want to be a part of Merlin somehow.  Despite the indirect rejection.  Because I have a LOT of great ideas for it.  Hmph.

Thought #6:  I really have to start thinking seriously about the novels I want to write.  Creating sub-plots for a TV show are just the tip of the iceberg that is my creativity wanting to break out and melt over my mind.  I have awesome ideas (well, they are!) for a Helen of Troy story intertwined with the Iliad and the Odyssey stories and another for retelling the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades.  I know the finished product could be splendid if I work hard.  I just don’t want to mess up, or worse, find out that I’m no novelist, just some pathetic review writer.  I want to be able to create.  Creating something of that magnitude, like a book, is as momentous as child-bearing.  You’re creating new life, a new world.  You’re building a brand-new door that other people, including yourself, will be able to open forever and see into your mind, your soul, and the souls of the characters you’ve resurrected or brought to life.  It’s magnificent, that feeling of being and making and modeling…art brings a sense of purpose to a person.  It’s…magnetizing.  But I have to get over my fears and try…at least brainstorm.  And who knows…maybe once I start, I won’t be able to stop.

Thought #7: I’m done thinking and analyzing for now.  I want to read.  Maybe write.  Thanks again, NetGalley, for thrilling new reads currently unpublished. 😉

Natalie Gorna

Winner of the “Ideal Man” award is Hector, Prince of Troy

Ladies, I got your attention, didn’t I?  You actually thought there was a modern prince of a city (or country) called Troy who made it to Hollywood’s “Most Beautiful People” list.  Well, for all of you who have distinct memories of their ancient history courses in high school and college, congratulations.  You already know by now that I’m talking about a legendary prince from an ancient city in Asia Minor called Troy.

Eric Bana as Hector in the 2004 film “Troy”

Ah, look at Hector.  Isn’t he…something?  Homer, the first known poet of the ancient world, described Hector as the noblest Prince of Troy, a great warrior, a devoted husband, a just leader.  And where is Troy?  A city in Asia Minor that may or may not have existed at some point in time.  That goes for the royal household of Troy as well.  The war between Ancient Troy and Greece is noted in Herodotus’ Histories (the first recorded history book), in legends, in Homer’s two epic poems.  Supposedly, it was all about a woman who wanted to leave her husband.  And conquering a nation that was rich and prosperous.  The Sack of Troy was only “completed” thanks to “clever Odysseus” and the Trojan Horse.  Odysseus, who was so clever in the Iliad that Homer just had to devote an entire epic to him alone (the Odyssey, anyone?).  Ahem!  I’m digressing, aren’t I?  Anyway, if Hector was as good-looking as Eric Bana here and he was exactly like the honorable “god in human form” that Homer paints him out to be, who wouldn’t fall in love with him, an ideal fictional character and the best leading man in an ancient poem like the Iliad?

As far as Hector’s public life is concerned, Homer mentions that Hector was very much against the war against the Greeks, especially Paris’ abduction of Helen.  In fact, I’m surprised that the famously beautiful Helen of Troy didn’t get interested in Hector instead of his foppish brother (thank you Homer for that insight).  If only Hector weren’t married to meek Andromache at the time…but what if he wasn’t?  And forget about Paris (NOT the city)…I always thought that Paris got way too much attention as a character from the deities and the general audience, especially female audiences.  Remember that flop of an epic movie from 2004, Troy?  Well, Hector was so much more than just the guy who was respected and later killed by Achilles (another character in the Iliad who didn’t really deserve to be in the limelight).  He was like General Maximus in the 2000 film Gladiator, only better.  However, both of them meet the same fate, which kind of heroic, romantic, tragic, and downright pathetic all at the same time.  And sort of…depressing.  But think about it.  Most people name other fictional characters they admire most, or secretly have a crush on.  But nobody names Hector, Prince of Troy.  Surprising, even shocking, but true.

Nevertheless, I’m confident that you ladies (and maybe even guys) out there will be adding this amazing character to your list of favorites…and maybe even renting Troy for a second (or first) look at how Bana handles his major role in the 2004 film.  Personally, I have only seen clips of the film, and I don’t plan on watching it anytime soon.  Unfortunately for me, there aren’t any pictures of what the real Hector could have looked like, so actor Eric Bana will have to do for now until I figure out who could really play Hector well.  Hector needs a new film…or a novel…all about him, not his battle with Achilles.  Forget about the Iliad as the only framework.  Fellow writers and your imaginations, are you listening? 😉

Natalie Gorna