Updates on new reviews and the thrill of writing

I cannot believe that I missed the one year anniversary of my Fresno Movie Examiner job.  I can hardly believe that I’ve been publishing movie reviews consistently for the past year along with my book reviews.  Review quota for the Examiner has reached 289 book reviews in total and 170 movie reviews!  How exciting!  Also, I want to be featured on Rotten Tomatoes as a movie critic…we’ll see what happens with that.

Also, I just published my review of A Trace of Smoke by Rebecca Cantrell, and the author loved it!  It also created a flame across some news sites all over the web.  I plan to read the rest of the Hannah Vogel series in good time.

The more I think about the novels I want to write, the more all my critiques get pushed out of my mind.  Is this good or bad?  That wanting to write something entirely my own is overwhelming my need to write book and movie reviews?  I can only explain this confusion as my imagination’s desire for expression…I need to put ideas and thoughts through more than some criticism for someone else’s creation.  If my talent as a writer is strong, it will shine through no matter what I write.  However, if my imagination is stronger, it will not be satisfied with mere compositions of opinion.  Also, my lapse in concentration for reading books is part of this…it seems like the door to other worlds is always locked now for me.  And I want to be able to open that door again…the door that reading always opens for me.  However, maybe it’s time to open my own door…without the help of reading fiction.

Anyway…October’s ending.  I hope and pray that new good things are beginning…because hope is almost always based in faith.

Natalie Gorna