Protest against the Examiner

I hate the Examiner right now.  Really, they just won’t leave me alone with all this “local criteria” they keep throwing at me, as if I’m trash they want to get rid of or something.  You know how you try to investigate a problem with a business or service you use, but there’s never anyone around to talk to you and no one is looking you in the eye and giving you a direct explanation for all that crap the company’s being doing?  That’s the Examiner, 100%.  They are doing exactly that, and I HATE IT.  I can’t wait until their stupid current pay program is retired…and the Examiner Review Team…I’m ready to go after them.  Oh, and by the way, if my “employers” happening to be reading this, don’t you even dare to tell me to resign my posts, because an official complaint of how you are treating me and other Examiners is not a notice to resign.  I’m protesting.  And you should listen and make some necessary changes…like stop cheating Examiners on how much they should be paid for their work.  And stop sending me all those stupid rejections of how my articles do not meet “local criteria” when they do.

Natalie Gorna