Review: ‘Hannah Vogel’ series by Rebecca Cantrell

In honor of “A Time of Night and Fog“, which is a re-release of the “Hannah Vogel” series by Rebecca Cantrell in one e-book, I would like to revisit these stunning books and their unique heroine.  (The author generously sent me an ARC of “A City of Broken Glass” in exchange for an honest review of the entire series.)

It is a challenge to summarize what makes this series the best historical fiction series on the market today because each book has so many merits.  Cantrell’s ability to fashion a female character, one who exhibits vulnerability and strength in equal measure while maintaining her femininity and humanity amid complete chaos, is unparalleled among the modern adult literature I’ve read.  Hannah Vogel’s characteristics are not incredible; in fact, it is how realistic she is that contributes to the power of this series.  The World War II references are well researched, and the author adds detailed layer upon layer in her settings until the reader feels like he/she is walking in pre-war Berlin alongside Hannah, breathing the same smoggy air.  I was and am still floored by how intellectual and profound these books are during every single perusal.  The author truly understands her characters and knows exactly how to write them out so that others can be fully submerged in the world she introduces — the revolutionary state of Nazi Germany.  She has created some of the best supporting characters of all time, like good-natured Anton and complicated, conflicted Lars.  There really are not enough words to describe how much I admire and recommend this series.

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4 thoughts on “Review: ‘Hannah Vogel’ series by Rebecca Cantrell

  1. slaterock1 August 8, 2016 / 04:54

    I would totally go see this!


    • slaterock1 August 8, 2016 / 04:57

      Forgot to mention i have read the books. I’m a huge fan of Rebecca Cantrell…check out the Bloodgospel trilogy too


      • Natalie Gorna August 8, 2016 / 07:20

        Thank you for commenting. An adaptation of this series is long overdue – glad to see there are other readers out there who agree with me! Everyone I’ve chosen is amazingly talented and would make a spectacular cast together. I also love time pieces – a miniseries based on books I adore would be on the top of my to-watch list.

        Cantrell’s “iDrakula” led me to her other work, it’s true, and it’s an innovative take on what has become a legendary story. However, Blood Gospel is a vampire series and I’ve kind of left paranormal books behind as far as my reading interests go. Thanks, though, for the suggestion!


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