Review: “The Wayfaring Swan” by Rose Schmidt

A great new release that deserves all the acclaim and applause!

Around the bend of the book

For the love of books

I’ve been keeping an eye on the trends of contemporary novels for years.  During the past decade, they usually have followed the latest popular genre’s lead in terms of style, direction, characters, and themes.  There is a reason why I have been steadily avoiding certain genres like the plague.  Sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that modern authors are either unwilling to take a leap of creativity, or content to let their stories be mapped out for them by publisher preferences.

It’s always a relief to be proven wrong by a rare, diamond-in-the-rough exception.

Rose Schmidt’s “The Wayfaring Swan” takes bold steps forward by centering on the importance of family and loving connections.  In a world where we are surrounded by mostly technological relationships and fanatic materialism, the author resolutely asks us what holds our lives together and what gives them purpose.

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