A short observation on autos

Living in the United States makes car watching very ideal, because there is a definite surplus of vehicles milling about everywhere.  It is guaranteed to see at least 10 vehicles of different makes and models every minute passing by on any major street during the day.  Besides the acute fact that there seem to be more cars than ever as gas prices skyrocket (and how weird is that?), I’ve also noticed how cars have changed since their invention.  Well, their shapes, for one.

Let’s go on a fake government mission!

Ginormous gas-eating monsters like Hummers can hardly be called automobiles – they look more like blocks on wheels.  And who would need a car like that except someone who has a military complex (not the building one…)?  To each his own.  And all the more smog for the rest of us.  Hmph.

In the beginning…early cars were modeled after that most practical of geometric shapes, the square.  However, over decades of mass production, technology updates, and general consumer distaste over simplicity, the figures of cars have become, well, rounded.  The solid, right angle lines have become smooth curves, some more pleasurable to look at than others.  By 2012, passenger cars and SUVs are now looking less like “autos” and more like spaceship prototypes.  At this rate, soon we’ll be soon driving around in circle-shaped things that spin like tops, thanks to the “improving” designs out there.

As a parting thought, I’ve moved on from wondering if the shapes of cars continue to get so polished off that they’ll disappear from existence to a more practical thought: why haven’t car makers considered solar panels instead of gasoline for fuel usage?

Natalie Gorna

2 thoughts on “A short observation on autos

  1. jeff July 3, 2013 / 17:40

    Solar panels are costly, inefficient, and unreliable


    • Natalie Gorna July 3, 2013 / 17:43

      While I appreciate your insight on the cons of solar panels, I am sure there are some pros to them as well. Thank you for reading my blog and for commenting!


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