Death’s services aren’t for free?

I just watched a commercial that advertises the current fees and expenses surrounding funerals.  Supposedly, it costs over $10,000 to pay for an average funeral service, the funeral “reception,” etc.  Even cremation is pricey (when one’s body is dissipated into charred ashes)…it’s around $5,000.  WHAT?!

Okay, okay….so, let’s hypothesize.  An average person, whether man or woman, has to start working steadily in order to survive in this world and society we live in, almost from the instant he/she graduates (or drops out) from secondary school.  Then, considering high living costs, any person alive is forced into the endless routine of working until retirement, which isn’t until “ripe old age.”  That would be around one’s mid-sixties.  Then, the possibility of death is very prominent…well, the probability of death is very high.

Didn’t Benjamin Franklin say that death and taxes were the only certain thing in life?  Aside from the fact that taxes are government-created, he was right.  Death is the the event that equalizes all of us animate creatures, although the world has established by now that we all are equal, male or female, all races, nationalities, etc.  Moreover, those who live after the dying are more concerned with the financial remains of the dead rather than putting their physical remains to rest.

One example is the fact that most people laugh and are merry during funeral receptions.  Since when do you have a “reception” after a funeral?  Someone just died.  Isn’t that too morbid to be celebrating by means of a party?  But I’m digressing.  Anyway, literature has proven that death can be a curse or a blessing, depending on how you look at it.  Death is supposed to be free for all animate beings, not levied with prices.  Give me a break.  Coffins, burial ground…these are ridiculous human inventions.  So is money, but that is beside the point.  No one deserves to be paying for himself/herself even after death.

Death is meant to be a release, an escape from this twisted “reality.”  Or like the philosopher Plato said, it’s the chance for us to enter the sunshine, exit the cave, and leave the shadows behind.  It all depends if you believe in an afterlife.  Nevertheless, these ideas about funerals and imposing restrictions on how bodies may be laid to rest…it’s nonsensical.  Humans do not respect Death anymore.  They treat death like a business.  Death has become a veritable business where the living profit.  The “Grim Reaper” never charged for his (or her) services, except counting Greek mythology and that coin placed in the deceased’s mouth to pay Charon.  But one coin does not equal $10,000 or more.

Don’t we want to die in peace without leaving money behind for a wooden box and an empty pit where our bodies will deteriorate?  Isn’t this history repeating itself in endless ways?  More proof that the future and present reflect the past, and that nothing has changed since the ancients believed in the Underworld and the river of death, Styx.

Natalie Gorna

3 thoughts on “Death’s services aren’t for free?

  1. August 27, 2015 / 06:16

    Thanks for enabling reblogging! I too have thought about this issue. Some feel that paying out for a big funeral confers respect to the deceased. I think it depends on what one values, how one’s values are structured. Myself, I have no problem with a scattering of the ashes in, say, Georgian Bay, where I spent much of my childhood summers among the rocks and pines.


    • Natalie Gorna August 27, 2015 / 15:49

      You’re welcome – thank you for reblogging my post and for reading it.


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