Yes, a hiatus

So…*coughs from embarrassment*…I haven’t posted anything here for a while since my Valentine’s Day re-post.  I just wanted to announce that my blog writing’s on a bit of…a hiatus.  Of sorts.

I do have big plans in store, though: Edelweiss, an ARC e-galley like NetGalley that I joined, sent me a preview copy of “Towering” by Alex Flinn, her new Rapunzel retelling.   I read it in about 3 days flat.  And my review of it will be posted here sometime in mid-April.

However, I will not keep you waiting that long for my words of wisdom.  Oh no.  I’ll be posting soon, as in within March.  It’s just that…all my other writing has consumed me.  And my life’s doing that as well, eating away at my time and pressing other matters into my face.  Serious matters.  Anyway…I just wanted to drop a note to say that I’m not purposely neglecting my dear blog here.  I’m alive and surviving.

And just for the heck of it: “Once Upon a Time” is a superb TV show and Muse is a fantastic rock band.  What?  How could you not have heard of them?!

Natalie Gorna

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