14 things I still hate about February 14

Once again, Valentine’s Day has rolled around with its iconic candy hearts and garish cards…and therefore, one of my best blog entries ever is here again, re-posted. It speaks very much for itself, so…enjoy.

Natalie Gorna

Scribo, Ergo Sum

Valentine’s Day: the unofficial holiday when people have our involuntary permission to act giddy and shower their significant others with “mountains of affection,” a.k.a. presents.  Don’t call me bitter—I’m actually a romantic—but February 14 is NOT about all this saliva-provoking sentimentality.  Everyone’s forgotten by now about its true origins and about poor Saint Valentine’s act of compassion that prompted a day dedicated to love.  Valentine’s Day is a time for stomach-clenching dread, not high anticipation.  Especially when the rest of us who do not celebrate it have to enter any store or public place.  Hearts, pink and red, covering the walls.  More hearts surrounding every tangible surface.  Oh, the horror.  But it gets worse.  Much, much worse.  February 14 turns out to be a day of expectation, not motivation.

  1. Those annoying, cheap candy hearts.  Not only are they made entirely out of sugar and artificial food coloring, these edible “tokens of…

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2 thoughts on “14 things I still hate about February 14

    • Natalie Gorna February 20, 2013 / 20:18

      Thanks – glad to hear you approve of my vituperative anti-Valentine’s Day post. 🙂


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