2013 resolutions

I know it’s a bit late, but better late than never, right?

  1. My name is Natalie, pronounced “N-a-t-a-l-i-e” with a “t” in the middle.  For years, Americans have mispronounced my name by sloppily softening the “t” in the middle into a “d” so that my name becomes an irritating “Nadalie.”  Mispronounce my name now and I will make you say it again by deliberately correcting you until you get that a “t” is never, ever a “d.”
  2. For just as many years, I’ve been following the rules of etiquette by saying “it’s okay” or some other choice phrase to everyone who tells me “sorry” or “I’m sorry,” even if it’s after they have really hurt me or insulted me or wronged me in any way.  Guess what — I’m done with that and I’m now going to follow the rules of honesty more closely.  I may be against holding life-long grudges for petty wrongs, but I’m never, ever saying “it’s okay” or “you’re forgiven” unless I really mean it.  I will not say I’ve forgiven and forgotten until I’ve actually done so.
  3. Now that my major resolutions have been stated, I’ll list the small ones: to write more and read less, to finish all my projects, to stop procrastination (it’s a terrible habit), to be better and more prudent.  To strive for finding and being that goodness Plato speaks of.  To be more, have more, and live more.

May 2013 be truly fortunate for me and mine.

Natalie Gorna