And…Christmas music is STILL annoying!

Recapping on my own blog entry is so surreal, but here it goes: I agree with everything stated, except that I do appreciate Christmas to some extent, although I’d never admit it aloud.  So relax and enjoy what I’ve “re-blogged,” because to be frank, I couldn’t have said it better a second time than I did the first time.

As for that parting comment about movie reviews and book reviews…here’s to my superb efforts for and how they mistreated me nonetheless.  Because I just re-read some of my work for them, and it’s…good.  Unbelievably, amazingly good writing (no boasting intended).  But yes, the repetitive annoyance that is Christmas is driving my ears crazy…thank goodness for Grooveshark and Spotify.

Natalie Gorna

Scribo, Ergo Sum

Yes, I am hopelessly annoyed by the repetitive Christmas jingles I am constantly hearing in most stores.  Mostly because the tunes are boring and the lyrics are so…dumb.  Like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Hear a kid sing this song, and you may smile.  Hear an adult sing it with fervor and serious intent, and you will definitely break into laughter like me.  How then can you take Christmas seriously?  Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate this holiday the same way I appreciated Thanksgiving—not at all.  However, my first mental note when I identify a store’s current choice of background music is a retort along the lines of “That is the best radio station they can afford?”  I don’t care if this is the “holiday season” and businesses want to display their artificial sense of “holiday cheer”…there’s nothing wrong with finding Christmas songs that are more original than tunes like Jingle Bells

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