November 22

THANKSGIVING, a.k.a. Thanksgiving Day

Definition: a day off work, celebrated only in the United States.  First founded by early settlers as a way to give thanks for a successful harvest, the “day of giving thanks” descended into mediocrity when people realized they could openly get away with gluttony and family squabbles without being reprimanded.  It is now considered “traditional” for American families to hold large family reunions and exorbitant dinners while proclaiming they are following in the early pilgrims’ footsteps.  Common icons include turkeys and pumpkins. [nota bene: synonymous with the words “laziness” and “hypocrisy”, though not with “holiday”]

Natalie Gorna

P.S. I couldn’t resist taking a stab at my most hated “holiday” of the year — there’s a first time for everything, including a blog post by yours truly about Thanksgiving.  Cheers!

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