The last day of September

Or in other words, the day before October 2012 starts.  My birthday is less than a month away…

How about that dashing Colin Morgan in the middle, almost snorting fire from his nostrils?

Anyway, I’m excited that the glorious day has finally come: season 2 of “Once Upon a Time” is premiering tonight, and season 5 of “Merlin” premieres this Saturday!  And of course, I’m now following this really cool dystopian show called “Revolution,” where Billy Burke shows off some impressive fighting skills…I kind of think it’s a companion show to “FlashForward,” which only had 1 season.

Yup, I’m a fan of all 3.  As for the Merlin poster, I just couldn’t resist.

And in response to my last blog entry, Now it’s personal, I’ve decided to take that leap of faith in my writing and go forward.  I won’t look back.  No matter what comes out of it, the results will be mine.  And the story will be mine.  And in the end, that’s what is important.  I want to see the fruits of my imagination and where it will take me.  It’s always been in control.  But when daydreaming has ended and I relinquish the reins anyway, what will my musings draw me, I wonder?  Therein lies the excitement and the challenge.  The challenge to create.  Bring it on.

Natalie Gorna