I’m caught in a Bad Romance

I never properly explained my fascination with Lady Gaga before.  I first heard a remix of “Just Dance” on my next-door neighbor’s loud radio; I found “Bad Romance” by experimentally typing “Lady Gaga” into the Grooveshark search box a year (or few years) ago.  I simply was…utterly, utterly taken by the unique sounds, completely eccentric music, and dance-striking voice of the artist herself.  Now I have an entire playlist with Lady Gaga’s songs on my Spotify, my Grooveshark, and my mental music library.  I learned to really like her music all on my own…I didn’t even know how popular Lady Gaga was when I started listening to her songs.  No following trends on my part.

Recently, I experimented in real life by combining my own dance moves, my photography skills, and my imagination in a music video, where I bask in the expression of “Bad Romance.”  You may be awestruck by my beginning video-making techniques, my good looks :P, or just the overwhelming, “egotistical” effects of the brazen video recording, which features me, me, ME.  For 5 minutes straight.  Don’t worry…it’s not some boring slideshow with a musical background!  It’s very…entertaining.  Here’s the link to my video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/uioA2D3Q4Og.  Enjoy!

Natalie Gorna

P.S. Maybe take a look at the original first, to get a raw idea of where I got some of my inspiration?

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