New harassment and new music

Sometimes the events in our lives lead us to new habits, conclusions, decisions, people…and music.  After last Sunday’s trials, I find myself listening more and more to two particular songs, “Never Let Me Go” by Florence + The Machine and “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne.  As well as the latter, the former has become a personal favorite, a sad, haunting, and deeply lulling song about finding peace and being embraced by something you find deep fulfillment in.

Last Sunday was July 15.  And strangely enough, this time there were no cops in sight.  Oh no.  This time they sent a civilian to do their dirty work.  My mom and I woke up around 6:30 in the morning, preparing ourselves for another day of heat.  We fed our cats, watched them eat outside our car—in other words, acted normally.  We didn’t look like we were fainting or that we had car trouble.  Nearby, some man and his child came via vehicle and were playing on the basketball court.  I didn’t pay much attention to them, except that I noticed in midst of things that the child was somehow left unattended.  Very strange indeed.  But I would have thought nothing of it and gone on with my day if…that man didn’t jump into his vehicle and head straight for us.

Being polite to your neighbors is great.  Having manners and using them in everyday life is superb.  Asking someone in a menacing tone of voice if they’re okay and literally demanding an answer is definitely harassment.  I admit, some strangers have asked that question during the past few years, and although I bristle at the question every time, I politely answer it with enough indifference.  However, this man was…acting like a cop out of uniform.  Worse than nosy, first he claimed he was “worried” for us or something phony-sounding like that…but then he said he was spying on us for half an hour, that we were “acting suspiciously.”  He also started using that pompous, threatening manner people who claim to be in authority use.  And what the heck was he doing at 7 am on a school playground on a Sunday, leaving his child alone on public property?  His “Are you okay?” turned into a full-on interrogation, his tone getting angrier and angrier and more accusatory because we felt no obligation to do what he commanded us to do.  In the end, despite our attempts to tell him to take a hike and leave us alone, he threatened to call them, the “real” cops.  And supposedly, he did.  While driving.  Now who’s acting illegally?  Also, we left the area shortly after, and who turns around and follows behind us for 2 miles of driving?  You guessed correctly.  Plus, he was still on the phone (no headset).  And he was stalking us.  Really.  He followed and made every single turn we did for miles of street.  I think he even followed us to a shopping center parking lot.  And to top everything off, his “kid” was in the car the whole time, watching this bozo do illegal things and act crazy many times over.  What a sicko.  Every American citizen is entitled to privacy, even if he/she is in public where privacy is less certain per individual.  Moreover, no one, NO ONE can just approach you on a public street out of the blue where you happen to park and ask you what’s your business there.  By law and common sense, you have the right to refuse to answer.  You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just existing like everyone else.  This moron who accosted us gave off the impression that it was his business to know why we were there.  We’d never seen him before in our lives.  He was a complete stranger, his motives for approaching us definitely not springing from any human feeling of caring.  Which was proven by how he asked, what he said, and the fact that he didn’t offer us any help.  He just wanted to KNOW.  He demanded —yes, demanded!— to be answered, like he was some kind of demented god.  Who the hell was he?

I can only sigh very deeply, remember my fright at that time, and say we did manage to throw him off in the end when he was following us so determinedly.  But it just goes to show that whoever sent him to do this to us just won’t leave us alone…won’t leave us in peace.  Therefore, lots of listening to sad music and eye-closing music on my part.  Oh, and lots of thinking and recollection too.

Anyway, enjoy “Never Let Me Go,” which is dedicated to my best and dearest friend…you know who you are. 😉 And by the way, how do you like my blog’s updated design?

Natalie Gorna