After more than 6 months of waiting: Bookshop Talk again!

Okay, so all you long-time, faithful readers of my blog are probably rolling your eyes and asking, “What did you review for them this time?”  Well, the book I chose is actually exciting and unexpected: it’s non-fiction, and once upon a time, I used to read it and re-read it as some people do with the Bible (no sacrilege intended).  Strange Stories, Amazing Facts.  Yes, that’s the title.  You get mysteries, paranormal activity, unsolved crimes of the century, striking phenomena…it’s a cross between Sherlock Holmes and the best clippings of old newspapers, journals, and real-life stories from all the centuries.

Anyway, Bookshop Talk finally published my review of this thrilling casebook:  I am, of course, very pleased: the book deserves more attention and I haven’t had a review published on another site than my own blog for nearly 4 months.  So…have fun…and maybe peek around online for previews of this book?  🙂

Natalie Gorna