More baby possums!

Yesterday morning and this morning as well, I saw baby possums.  They were unchaperoned, all alone in the wild, noisily crunching cat food down on the ground.

Hmph.  So what it’s climbing a tree?  This photo of a baby possum is so…adorable! 🙂  Here’s one, though, that’s closer to what I’ve actually seen (and if I had my own camera, I’d be taking pictures of these white-faced fuzzy little creatures as quickly as I could press the correct buttons)…

Aw…look at that face!  How could the early pioneers in the Wild West want to…eat…possums?  Yuck.  And double ugh.  Anyway, my mom and I had the pleasure of watching two little baby possums race across the ground in an attempt to reach the other side…they’re very cute.  Very, VERY cute.  And so TINY!  It’s a joy to watch them.  Occasionally, we see their mommy scaling the wall, cleaning her face with her human-like “hands.”  I don’t think humans appreciate how very special animals are and how honored we should be that they exist on the same planet as us.  Animals don’t get much respect from humans, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I’m thinking hard on a next topic to write about here.  Should I publish another book or movie review, or should I delve into something more serious…?  Oh, by the way…while I’ve repeated again and again that Merlin (and Once Upon a Time, of course) is such a great TV show, I’ve been recently watching the first season of Robin Hood, the 2006 TV series.  Also British, it has just as much entertainment, spunk, and merit as Merlin.  Conclusion: I have a new favorite show to add to my list. 😉

Last announcement:  I joined Twitter.  It’s not a joke!  I did.  Find me at:!/natalia_gorna.

I’ll think of a good topic I can sink my writing teeth into…only time will tell what that topic will be, though.

Natalie Gorna

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