Yes, Spotify is here!

Spotify LogoWordPress has just released important information.  As in how I can now post songs through Spotify, which I have always longed to do through Grooveshark but couldn’t.  Oh, what’s Spotify, you ask?  It’s…uh…a stupendous music app that has a ton of music organized and reorganized better than in Grooveshark.  It rarely deletes music.  Most playback is smooth.  And the quality is good.  Plus, the music’s totally free and legitimate.  🙂  (And yes, you do have to have an account with Spotify to listen to my songs here, so…)

After that intro, let’s experiment.  What song am I going crazy over right now?  Here’s one:


Hmmm…should I try something less girly-ish now?  Hey, Simple Plan is a boy band!


And next to last but not least, my personal fascination with Lady Gaga:


Cool, right?  Three of my favorite songs right here, for the world to hear!  Oh, and now a definite classic!


Enjoy my enthusiasm for music this time instead of my scribbles, why don’t you?

Natalie Gorna