Adulthood SUCKS

Well, it does.  How many teenagers have I had to listen to, grumbling and whining about when they’ll finally get that car and place of their own so they can escape their parents?  Hah.  Foolish, foolish children.  It is so true that the old man wistfully and wisely craves the young man’s youth in complete understanding, that age earns respect for youth just as youth should learn to respect age.  However, it seems that the majority of young adults these days have totally forgotten the joys of childhood, in the midst of all that drinking and drug-using and god only knows what.  They want so badly to be adults.  Yet they’re not.  I say, “Enjoy the rewards of ADULTHOOD, or whatever it is you think you are now.”  Childhood is one of those wonderful periods in life you can NEVER, EVER go back to.  Well, at least not in this life.  But is it so wrong to want to go back to it?

A few trials of adulthood and why you shouldn’t want it

  • RESPONSIBILITY.  It’s very childish of me to say so, but…don’t you ever long for those good old days where all you had to do all day long was be a good child, play with your toys, and obey your mommy and daddy?  So simple, so clear cut.  No worries about your boss cheating you in your pay, your clients mistreating you, or all those bills you’ve got to pay.  You went to school when you were old enough, and when you came home, your main responsibilities were to do your chores, do your homework, and behave yourself.  Now, with the infamous aftermath that follows puberty (I’m getting to that nasty subject next), you have SURVIVAL to consider as well as all those moral obligations our parents were trying to teach us to practice so we’d be good adults.
  • PUBERTY.  I don’t know about you, but I was very ticked off when the course of nature happened to me out of the blue.  I don’t know about guys, but most girls are only eager to develop and look mature for the guys.  Not me.  I’m still in rebellion over what’s happened to my body, because I darn liked it the way it was when I was a little girl.  No worries about unpleasant smells, unruly hair growth (you know what I mean), and readjustment of the bodily figure (ahem ahem).  I was flat-chested and had perfect skin.  Why would I WANT to wearing bras, deodorant, fussing with acne, and watching the way I sit because of the opposite sex’s habit to get the wrong ideas?  Ugh.  And as far as I know, puberty’s no piece of cake for guys either.  Here I must shrug in ignorance.
  • LONELINESS.  Face it.  Adulthood means a lifetime of loneliness after you’ve cast off living with your parents.  When you were a kid, your parents were the ones in charge, providing for you, keeping the house warm for you so that on dark, cold nights you’d have someone to come back to.  For all of us who aren’t so…um…keen?…on marriage and the relationships game room, I predict that we will be those unhappy singles staying at home on weekends, pulling out favorite books or movies and indulging ourselves in not only ice cream and goodies but also the company of “what might have been,” “what could be,” and “what can never be.”  Here I must sigh.  Because adulthood is like a chronic disease you’re stuck with for life…you have a lot of depressing side effects and no one seems to quite understand your predicament.  Unless you are like Emily Dickinson, just hoping to find someone to be lonely with together.
  • ANXIETY.  Indeed.  Anxiety is more or less a synonym for adulthood.  Childhood days were carefree.  Adulthood days are fraught with care.  You always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always have to worry about SOMETHING.  Either it’s your job, your home, your supper, your health, your relationships, your existence, your soul, your…everything.

But help me out here, would you?  Help me find more reasons pro or contra adulthood.  Do you see any benefits of leaving childhood behind?  Getting to read adult books, or perhaps making all those tedious life choices on your own, without a mentor to guide you?  Privacy, perhaps?  Sometimes it’s best to answer a question with another one.  What have you gained or lost by becoming an adult and entering the adult world?  Would you rather be a child or an adult?

Natalie Gorna

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