The Gestapo are back…

Well, well, well.  It seems that even though I’ve told the “Fresno Police Department” (who have been sued and are being sued by countless people for their repeated violations of the law and their crimes) numerous times to take a hike and stop bothering us, they keep coming back.  No doubt they just love my entries describing just how much of a law enforcement agency they are and they want me to write more.  So I’ll definitely oblige this desire right here and now.

The scene of the crime this time is February 29, almost 2 a.m.  There we were, sleeping in our car.  And suddenly, this veritable prototype of Hitler’s worst henchmen wakes us up with threats and harassment of the most sinister nature.  He told my mom he’d arrest her if she didn’t get out of our car, and when she refused, he tried to open her door himself.  Really.  And after calling 5 other police cars to come to his aid in order to intimidate further two helpless women in one car, he finally desisted.  Not until my mom laid down the law on his nasty head by not giving in to his bullying.  Oh, and guess what, Fresno “police officers?”  “Courtesy” does not equal MUTE SUBMISSION.  You doofuses were doing all this to us at 2 in the morning, when NO ONE ELSE was around to witness it.   And by the way, courtesy is what you bozos calling yourselves cops should be practicing as well as those laws you’ve apparently forgotten exist to protect the rights of citizens.  When you don’t question “authority” when they’re doing something wrong, you’re allowing crimes to happen.  Nevertheless, these cretins had no right, NO RIGHT to do this to us.

Natalie Gorna

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  1. M March 5, 2012 / 12:54

    Skurwiele. The last thing they need is more power.


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