Do you feel your mortality?

This movie and the novel it’s based on are timeless.  They always make me think about the span of life and what the purpose of one life is.  William Ross’s score is very beautiful and bittersweet, which only adds to the film’s depth…

Natalie Gorna

3 thoughts on “Do you feel your mortality?

  1. Rick Oxman January 21, 2012 / 08:29

    I’ve written twice to you, Natalie, this morning. Trying again. I am a former Professor of Comparative Literature, Cinema History, Dramatic Art & Speech. A sound bite bio of me and my family is available at Aside from the fact that you would be an excellent contact for our eleven-year-old home schooled Marcello, I have a project to delineate for you, one which would serve as an asset for those interested in literature and cinema, among other things, in California. Blessings for your kind consideration, Richard


    • Natalie Gorna January 21, 2012 / 09:14

      I will reply to you via email. Thanks for your compliments and for reading my blog!


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