Short retrospect of my 2011

  • Examiner review quota total reached 315 book reviews, 197 movie reviews
  • I published 157 book reviews and 157 movie reviews on the Examiner during 2011
  • Bookshop Talk published 8 of my book reviews
  • I have a lot of angry Facebook statuses
  • This blog has some interesting (and fewer) entries
  • I’m not healthier or wealthier, only a little wiser

Otherwise, my retrospect is rather gloomy, and more than a little upset.  It seems, even from looking at Facebook, that 2011 was a year that made my life worse, not better, despite all my hopes on January 1, 2011.  Things changed drastically, and perhaps even I have changed more than I realize.  However, I’m really to look ahead of me toward the horizon.  Is this an optimistic statement?  Not really.  But it doesn’t alter the fact that I must not look behind me too much if I’m going to keep walking forward.  No New Year resolutions for me…

Natalie Gorna