Dis moi la verité

I cannot believe that those 4 little words frighten people so much.  I still see examples in everyday life of people literally petrified by admitting to what they really feel, what they really think, and what they really do.  I mean, if you have the guts to do something bad or good or whatever in the first place, at least you should have the courage to admit that you made the decision to do it, right?

I can only ask so much from people and myself.  Therefore, I have a few notes to scribble down here about being honest, and then I’ll leave this broad, unfriendly topic alone:

Don’t commit to promises you have no intention of keeping.  It’s rude, it’s pathetic, and it only makes your friends and would-be friends hate you for being dishonest.  Also, it drives me crazy and makes me personally think that you have no honor and are a selfish prig.  Yes, I did just say “prig.”

Always tell the truth.  If you think a “quirk” of mine is too funny for words and you can’t stop laughing at it or you just can’t make that appointment to meet up, just SAY IT.  Don’t keep this in the dark.  You’ll only end up hurting someone.  And that someone hurting you back because he/she doesn’t understand why you hurt him/her in the first place.

They say you should juggle when to tell the truth, that you should be tactful and cautious.  That the truth is dangerous and radical.  Yeah right.  I can just see you telling me what you really think about my looks transforming into a verbal stick of dynamite waiting to explode…as if you hating Summer of the Monkeys or thinking that Little Women is “just a book for girls” would be worse than meekly saying to my face that you love both and then never read them.  I want to know what you really think.  In fact, if you always lie to the world about your views and you keep neutral only because it’s the safe way to go, then who the heck are you?  A person, or some conformist robot?

Consider the benefits of honesty.  You’ll not only be putting a stake on your piece of heaven in the afterlife, you’ll also be a rare specimen, an embodiment of a quality that is almost invisible because it is never practiced.

You’ll have peace of mind.  You’ll know you’re being honest with yourself and with me.  You won’t feel guilty…okay, maybe just a little bit.  But I’ll respect you all the more for telling me the truth.

I know honesty lies on the path to being a just person, to doing the right thing.  And I only ask that my friends try to follow this path and pick up honesty as a habit…or if they are being honest already, then keep doing it no matter what.  Because seriously, I want to believe that there are some honest people left in this world.  Help me believe it.  Be true, be honest, and never falter.  Honest folk, here’s to you.

Natalie Gorna