The adult sin of loving movies for kids

I’m an adult and I love watching movies.  I’ve grown up with the popularity the cinema has as an irrepressible icon of entertainment.  I’ve lived through the 4 unforgettable ratings movies earn for content : G, PG, PG-13, & R.  In my adolescent years, the first two meant enjoyable fun, the second insinuated a lot of intolerable (and slightly wicked) commentary, and the last required a lot of blindfolds and ear plugs.

Somehow, society is under the impression that if you’re over 18 and you still giggle when you watch The Lion King, you’re a nerd.  Or just hopelessly “immature.”  Even actors who played in innocent Disney films as teenagers want desperately to leave behind any sign in their acting careers that they were ever so childish and un-adult-ish.  On the other hand, many animated movies and kid-oriented live action films have been continually scolded for having too much adult content and innuendo.  You just can’t forget that critics wouldn’t forgive Pocahontas for the way she was dressed or Frollo for his unholy attraction to Esmeralda.  As for me, I say, “Why the heck do people act like such ADULTS when watching movies for kids?”

Ironically, the atmosphere of all these animated “kid” movies is attractive in its innocence and its wide-eyed take on reality.  People seems to be forgetting that animated movies usually look at the lives of adults and children through the minds of children, not adults.  And since we were all children once upon a time, why can’t we relax into what we feel when we re-watch these films? I only know that I get chills when White Fang and Jack reunite in White Fang, I love watching  Rasputin conjure up those green minions of his in Anastasia, and I always sing along with Thumbelina.  And you, narrow-minded maturity-obsessed society, dare to tell me that my feelings are wrong?  No one can deny that The Prince of Egypt is as awe-inspiring as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, or that Winnie the Pooh, in all its simple-minded humor, is childishly wise.  And how can you not like the adventure in A Far Off Place or the romance between Pocahontas and John Smith in Pocahontas?  One thing is certain: at least you don’t have to worry about what comes next during a kid movie, because this is world-friendly material here.  And that is a true relief.

The fact is…adults cannot resist kid movies.  You heard me.  Movies for kids are irresistible.  If you remember them from your childhood, you won’t forget them.  If you see them now for the first time, you’ll be secretly re-watching them in your room even when all your friends are screaming about the latest shocking R-rated movie to hit theaters.

Admit it, admit it…even if you are literally frowning now when you’re reading this, even if you are denying to everyone you know that you’ve put your copy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in storage or that Aladdin is just some silly Arabian fairy tale for infants…adults do still love movies for kids.  Animated or live action, Disney animation or animation by some other studio.  And when you see the ending to Oliver and Company or The Rescuers Down Under or The Swan Princess, there is one thing we animated movie lovers all share, one thing we should all have in common: great big smiles and wonderful memories.

Natalie Gorna

4 thoughts on “The adult sin of loving movies for kids

  1. Creative Admirer November 22, 2011 / 19:21

    Your blog really hit home with my way of thinking and feeling especially one specific thought, you presented. “People seem to be forgetting that animated movies usually look at the lives of adults and children through the minds of children, not adults. And since we were all children once upon a time, why can’t we relax into what we feel when we re-watch these films?” That quote caught me as I think that is quite insightful and so true when you really stop and consider animated films. The effect of the films I watched as a child still have the same effect on me now and I believe some folks just will themselves to give up that magic. That to me seems sad considering how beautiful an experience it can be especially as an adult with the mental tools at our disposal. I travel a lot so I’m always looking for cool ways of entertaining myself and my internet family that keep returning to my blog. When talking with a colleague of mine who also works for Dish Network about the October 1st launch of Dish Network’s new package The Blockbuster Movie Pass I was thrilled as this was just another way they are making my life easier and more fun. Welcome live streaming! It seems like they are always coming up with fantastic ideas especially for individuals like me who have to travel frequently for work. Yet, still must maintain a passion that is very important to me that I would usually do at home. The Blockbuster Movie Pass will now be a combination of two of Dish Network’s prestigious packages the Dish Platinum and the Blockbuster by Mail package allowing me to stream thousands of movies with my laptop or my Dish receiver. How fantastic! I also now have access to thousands of DVD movies, TV shows and games by mail with unlimited exchange necessary for the elegant movie blog I have been hosting for years. It remotely streams directly to my laptop for TV if need be expanding my resources by a huge amount. Therefore, I can research the information I need from the film standpoint while looking into the media aspect as well which covers all the research necessary for the blog, $10 a month seems like a small price to pay for so many people’s enlightenment. My boyfriend is thrilled with the amount of video games available in this new package so that also makes me happy. Upon returning home, I can be at peace knowing that I can just write the blog entry to stimulate the new conversation topic, which is always, relaxing for me. Our next topic is on the exact topic of your article so reading it has been quite an inspiration for me. Thank you!


    • Natalie Gorna November 23, 2011 / 12:30

      Thank you! I’m thrilled you liked my entry. 🙂


  2. emptyhat November 20, 2011 / 02:17

    Hey thanks for the name drop 🙂 I also love kiddies movies.


    • Natalie Gorna November 20, 2011 / 12:28

      No problem. 🙂 I read your entry and I was intrigued by the number of sexual references you noticed in Disney movies. Thank you for reading my entry!


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