What about a movie blog?

I was just thinking about Bookshop Talk, the way the blog’s administrators post book reviews by different people.  How about…how about I start a blog like that, only I post different people’s movie reviews?  It would be cool, and of course it would be on WordPress.  The blog would need a catchy title and another administrator besides myself, but that all can be arranged.  It would just be nice to have regular viewers, not official movie critics, have a site where their reviews of good movies, bad movies, new releases, etc., can be posted for all the Web to see, instead of on Yahoo! Movies or some other site where they won’t get any real credit.  The reviews could be anonymous if the reviewers wanted, but still.  I reach out now, to all my readers, to comment on this and tell me what you would like to see in such a blog.

Natalie Gorna