The day before Labor Day

So…I’ve been circling around the topic of “what’s going on with me” during my last several blog entries.  Why, you may ask?  Is this not a personal blog?  I have a choice between two replies.  Surreal reply#1 is: the publication meeting I just had with myself, my blog, and the writer spirit in me established that the less I focus on myself, the better it is for the site’s overall stats and general enjoyment.  Realistic reply#2 is: I simply don’t want to write too often about my life, my problems, and my self-pity.  However, today is the day before Labor Day, a “holiday” in America where every working person is allowed to contemplate on the mundane quality of life and empathize with the horrors of work.  So shall I.  And by the way…I pick reply#2.  😉

First off, the Examiner is as annoying an “employer” as ever.  Recently I had an unresolved issue with them about payment, and they kindly reminded me that I am not an employee but merely an “independent contractor” who is not entitled to certain rights concerning payment.  Also, they are constantly changing and updating the site.  Which is vexing.  I know I’m a freelance writer and tutor, which means I belong to the ranks of the self-employed.  This isn’t a bad circumstance; it just is an unlucky one, translating into less pay and a harder time seeking employment.  On an unrelated side note, my total review quota has reached 145 movie reviews and 264 book reviews.  I’ll be celebrating writing statistics another time, though.

In reference to my employment troubles: during the month of August, I regained the status of being a working tutor again, gaining a couple of clients.  Now, at the beginning of September, I am down to one client, because my other one decided to “quit” in no uncertain terms and with very selfish reasons.  Then again, I am at the “beck and call” of the populace, to serve their educational needs.  So who am I to judge about selfishness?  I am just a tutor.  Who needs more work and more clients.  Another suitable pre-Labor Day meditative thought.  People always say that things will get better.  They are only fooling themselves when they reiterate that line to us cynics.

Hmmm…let’s see what else I haven’t covered.  Labor Day is a semi-vacation from the hustle and bustle of Internet life, because all libraries are closed on that day (that means no Internet access for me).  So I’ll be reading A Trace of Smoke by Rebecca Cantrell and Sweetly by Jackson Pearce (author of Sisters Red)…or writing up MORE reviews.  Did I mention that I reviewed Red Riding Hood last week, a movie I’ve waited to see for 5 months?  Or that Jane Eyre, a movie I’ve waited equally long to watch, will be reviewed this week by moi.  Wait, did I just write all of that down?  I’m supposed to be forcing you, my readers, to put out some effort and click on the links to my Goodreads and Examiner pages.  😛 

But, oh well.  It doesn’t matter if you look at my sites or not, does it?  Unless you care about what I’m writing?  Anyway, in the words of the technologically savvy, “TTYL”.  I will write again soon.  Hopefully, about something non-personal. 😉

Natalie Gorna