Bookshop Talk and ‘The Chronicles of Prydain’

Hooray!  After 3 months of waiting, nail-biting, and anxiety on my part :D, Bookshop Talk has finally published my edited version of my review of The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander!  Here’s the link to the Bookshop Talk review:

To emphasize my love for this series, I’ve been noticing now, more than ever, who could play the main characters if the series were to be made into motion pictures or a TV series.  I know he’s too old, but what about James D’Arcy?

The incredible James D’Arcy

I was just watching the 2001 version of Nicholas Nickleby, where D’Arcy plays the lead role.  I think he’d have the qualities to play either Prince Gwydion or Taran…probably Gwydion, since this character’s older.

Anyway, I’ve yet to compose my vituperative entry about the negative events that happened in my life on June 26th…I’ll try to get that posted by the end of this week.  I just finished Island by Jane Rogers…it was a very good adult novel, the first I’ve read.  Well, back to writing and reviewing…

Natalie Gorna

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