June 19th

231 book reviews and 112 movie reviews so far…I’ve gone a long way from being a greenhorn writer for the Examiner.  Nowadays, the heat is catching on to me, driving me crazy with its insulting, unjust flares.  California’s weather is now unpredictable…its climate has changed drastically, resulting in a basic lack of the spring and fall seasons.  Summer and winter are alone, competing with each other to see which will outlast the other first.  The night is cold, the day is unbearably hot, like the Sahara desert.  And I really despise it.  I like moderate climates…cooler and less drastic temperatures.  Predictability isn’t so bad when it comes to certain things like weather, since life itself is so unfair and uncertain.

Well, I have decided to post a music video here…okay, not exactly a music video.  It’s Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga, and it’s how I feel in regards to my writing…most of the time.  It’s an encouraging song…kind of like a spirit booster.  😀 

Natalie Gorna