Life is a park

A park in Wroclaw, Poland
A park in Wroclaw, Poland

Lovely, isn’t it?  A pleasant panorama to gaze at while you do a little walking and meditating.  The above photo isn’t mine, for sure, but I still do like to nostalgically look at something I’ve seen and experienced before.  🙂

Aside from that, my life is going downhill again.  As of the beginning of this month, the Examiner has withdrawn a crucial program from which I derived most payment for my articles.  So now I’m down to the horrible pay-per-view…and I’m being cheated on even more than before.  Moreover, no one wants to explain anything about this.  This is not the only thing, though.  The Examiner still is making changes to the site constantly and featuring ads in the middle of my articles/reviews.  It seems that paying me less as a writer doesn’t stop them from posting advertisements to the maximum on the site itself.  Therefore, in view of all my life’s current miseries (all of which I am not listing here), I have determined to post a metaphor…or an analogy.  I never did figure out all those literary terms…allegory…metaphor…analogy…simile. 

Anyway, life is exactly like a park.  Let’s call it “the park,” since we’re all in the same world at the same time, interacting with each other.  You enter the park the moment you’re born, and the exit is…the exit from this physical life we all have to take sometime.  The park is huge, leafy, green, forest-like.  There is beautiful scenery, diverse surroundings…you get it.  Lots of hills, natural problems.  And trails.  Considering that we do not choose the circumstances of our births, your personal trail is already set for you…you cannot take another trail, but you do have forks in the road, so to speak.  You have choices along your journey.  You also have a “guidebook” to the park…morality and your own conscience, more or less, to help you make those right choices.

Despite that, there are many ups and downs.  You know how people say that overcoming an obstacle is like climbing a mountain, and that reaching the destination (the pinnacle) is the high point of your life, besides everything you learn along the way?  I think it’s the opposite for a life crisis.  You can be at the high point of your life, the top of the hill, and then life creeps downhill, like mine.  Going downhill is traveling from reasonable existence into hell, with pain and aches during the entire time.  It’s more than unfair, because not only do you descend to somewhere you don’t want to be at, it hurts to get there.  The bottom is…unbearable. 

Everyone who has ridden a bicycle at least once in his/her life has to agree that riding downhill is easier than going uphill.  Even I agree with that.  However, figuratively, it’s different.  When you’re ascending through your life, you have a goal, something to reach toward.  When you descend, you are racing toward an unpleasant abyss, a result that is dark and the unknown.  Most of the time.  Basically, you are leaving the safety of your achievement, or your ordinary existence, to something that will terrify you, test you, and maybe destroy your soul permanently.  This applies to me.  I disagree that “you grow from these negative experiences, you learn, you become stronger as a person.”  From the moment I entered the park, I have been going downhill, pushed into certain forks in the road, and only seeing the aesthetic side of life but not really…knowing it for myself.  Happiness is when you actually get to be a part of those wonderful landscapes in the park.  Seeing them for a second is not the same.  I have been damaged by whatever I’ve gone through, and I’ve come out for the worse, not the better.  I love nature, but nature is neither good nor bad.  And this park is the toughest place on earth…to survive, you have to endure it all.  But I’m not sure that I have what it takes.

Natalie Gorna

6 thoughts on “Life is a park

  1. Slava May 23, 2011 / 22:54

    Maybe there’s another hill to get on it soon? You’ll reach the top of the new hill with more ease, since you have such an experience from the first one 🙂


    • Natalie Gorna May 24, 2011 / 15:52

      Not very likely, the way things are going for me right now. I’m stuck in an abyss without any rope to climb out on…very bad position for my life.


  2. Jess May 23, 2011 / 22:01

    A very realistic write and a ironic share from a wonderful human being.


    • Natalie Gorna May 24, 2011 / 15:53

      Thanks, Jess! But why is the share ironic? 😛


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