Updates of May 11th

I got a job…another writing job.  No, I did not quit my Examiner jobs, I just added yet another low-paying online newspaper to my list of employers.  This time…I’m a reporter.  Kind of.   I would define my new gig as regurgitating information: I digest other reporters’ scoops on entertainment news stories by reading them thoroughly and then I “throw up” my analysis of the story by paraphrasing.  We Got This Covered is the lucky business who got to borrow my writing skills, although they seem to be doing well without me.  Anyway…now my weekdays and workdays (which are equivalent to each other) are overwhelming.  I can’t separate time for “relaxation” and time for work, i.e. reading, writing, etc.  Oh well…all I can do is my best.  We Got This Covered has been added to my links, and I’m also going to provide a link to a webpage containing an archive of all my work/publications for the site so far.

Natalie Gorna

3 thoughts on “Updates of May 11th

  1. Slava May 12, 2011 / 01:05

    That sounds boring to do what you do for We Got This Covered. I think I did something like that. You just take someone’s material and rewrite it in other words, right? But if you compose something new by using their materials, it’s like you’re real journalist.


    • Natalie Gorna May 12, 2011 / 14:19

      A bit boring, yes. But a little exciting at the same time, because I’ve never done something like this before. 😉


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