For my mommy

The Medici Madonna

This statue of the Virgin Mary nursing her infant reminds me of my mommy.  It reminds me of her sacrifices, her devotion, and her dedication in order to raise me to be the best person I can be, despite my ingratitude, my obstinate nature, and my own selfishness.  Mommy, I’m sorry I’m not the best daughter.  I’m sorry that in spite of your hard work and your unconditional love, I’m still unfeeling.  My indifference to your love has come from my own pains, not because I don’t love you.  I have locked myself in a mental shell devoid of emotion, because my defenses are up and my heart has been shattered by the bitterness of my existence.  Please believe me…I know actions resonate more surely than words ever can, but I will try harder.  ♥ And Mommy…I DO love you. ♥  And this song is completely dedicated to you by me: “I Love You” by Andre Rieu.

Your daughter who still thinks that you are ♥ the best mommy in the whole world ♥,

Natalie Gorna  🙂