April 27th

The big news so far is…that I do not have any tutoring gigs anymore.  My last client has moved away, and now my tally of students is down to zero.  I have now finished reading Rowling’s Harry Potter series from volume#1 to volume#7, and I am ready to read new novels.  However, I’m out of focus, even when I’m reading. 

The Examiner is putting me through hell with their ridiculous rejections, even though I have completed my work weekly as thoroughly as I can, never failing to publish six reviews on schedule before the week is out.  Moreover, they’ve put tacky ads right in the middle of my reviews as part of their new “changes”, interrupting my writing and ruining the presentation of my reviews. 

So far, my review quota for last week was 206 book reviews & 88 movie reviews, and this week’s quota has an expectancy of 209 book reviews & 91 movie reviews.  Otherwise… 😦

Natalie Gorna

One thought on “April 27th

  1. Slava April 27, 2011 / 21:09

    Oh, I don’t like when text is broken to put some ads there too 😦


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