March 23rd

The Examiner is making changes again on the entire site, especially all Examiners’ articles and reviews.  Now they’ve stuck some horrible ad right in the middle of each article/review, interrupting its content.  Ugh.  Speaking of which, my tally for last week was 191 book reviews and 73 movie reviews in total, and this week will be…194 book reviews and 76 movie reviews in total.  🙂  Grooveshark is also updating its site, which is good and bad at the same time.

I finished reading the sixth Harry Potter book, as well as Alex Flinn’s Cloaked and…Breaking Dawn!  Yes, I finished reading the Twilight series once and for all.  But that was last week…this week, I’m starting new reads (of course).  But you’ll have to look to my Goodreads page to find out what those are…or is it too obvious? 😉

On the movie front (and I rarely mention this)…I watched the first season of a new series that I will certainly add to my list of favorites.  It’s the British TV series Merlin, and it’s an innovative take on the King Arthur legends.  And yes, it’s a live-action series.  🙂  I’m now waiting patiently to watch the second season on DVD, which could be sooner or later…I’d rather it was sooner.  The third season already aired on TV, but it’s not on DVD yet.

Well, back to the writing and reviewing board…always.

Natalie Gorna

3 thoughts on “March 23rd

  1. doysl March 24, 2011 / 02:13

    Hoho, Merlin, I’ve seen some episodes occasionally. Just pieces of them on TV. When I saw that, I’d thought,”Natalie would like it” 😀


    • Natalie Gorna March 24, 2011 / 09:11

      Well, you were right. 🙂 I like the show very much…the cast is interesting as well, especially Colin Morgan as Merlin. His face is so expressive when he acts that it is a pleasure to watch him. 🙂


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