Bookshop Talk again!

Yes, as you guessed from my ingenious blog title, another one of my reviews got posted today on Bookshop Talk—my review of The Outspoken Princess and The Gentle Knight!  Here’s the link to this post:  [Reminder: my review of Midnight Pearls also got posted on this same site a few months ago (see this blog entry)] 

I’m very happy about this, especially since another of my reviews has already been set to be published on Bookshop Talk next week in a back-to-back review of one novel.  I should also announce that I’ve been asked to be a regular contributor (of reviews) to Bookshop Talk…yes, I’m very excited about all this, considering that today has been a horrible day altogether and that these few events were the only bright spots so far. 🙂

On the Examiner front…there’s a whole Facebook “sweep” going on there…new upgrades, basically.  I’m pleased that certain reviews of  mine that were missing photos still have the photos if you click on the “missing box” right on those reviews.  Anyway, this week’s quota of book reviews (as stated in last week’s blog entry) has already been fulfilled (I managed to review Animal Farm in the end!), but I’m still working on all my movie reviews.  Here comes a writer’s block… 😦

Natalie Gorna

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