February 20th

President’s Day is tomorrow…and obviously, with another holiday comes another “I’m offline all day long” again.  I won’t complain…now.

Anyway…my progress so far.  I procrastinated last week with my review again and got stuck typing more than a 1000 words worth of book reviews yesterday.  I reviewed the first three Harry Potter books in Rowling’s series…and I will not be reviewing any of her books this week.  Last week’s movie reviews were fun…I reviewed two movies that I like and that make me laugh every time I watch them.  This week…we’ll see.  😉  Goodreads is going well for me…I’m constantly updating my reading lists there and you can see what I’m currently reading by clicking on my Goodreads badge on the top of my blog’s sidebar—sorry, but I will not be reiterating what I’m reading and how far along I am with the book(s) when I have my Goodreads page to do it for me. 😀

Well, I’ll try to think of an exciting blog entry during my disconnection from technology tomorrow….and of course, I’ll be working on my book and movie reviews while I try to read three books at the same time. 😉

 Natalie Gorna

2 thoughts on “February 20th

  1. doysl February 21, 2011 / 11:47

    Wow, 1000 words for reviews of the Harry Potter. I believe it’s really worth of the Rowling’s books, because when I went to a bookshop a while ago, I saw one of Harry Potter books. That was amazingly thick!


    • Natalie Gorna February 22, 2011 / 15:16

      Well, a 1000 words altogether for my reviews of 3 Harry Potter books. 😛 There are 7 books in total in the series, so I’m not done reviewing them yet… 😉


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