A new change to my blog

I signed up for Goodreads, a book site, a few days ago.  On my page there, I have all the books I’ve read, that I’m currently reading, and that I want to read in the future on different lists…the lists are all still incomplete, but they are getting toward completion.  So…now you can see my reading list(s) by clicking on the new widget (it’s a Goodreads badge) between my two RSS feeds on the upper part of my blog’s sidebar.  No longer do I have to tell you in monotonous tones, via my blog entries, what book(s) I am currently reading.  Thanks to the new widget, you can check out all my books yourself from now on.  Of course, I may comment occasionally about the novel’s content, etc.  😉  If you already are a Goodreads member and highly interested in what I have read so far, by all means send me a friend request or just browse my page. 🙂 

Well, I’m not procrastinating with my movie and book reviews for the Examiner this week.  I plan to finish up early, so I can focus on my two current reads. 😉  Today is already the first of February 2011…doesn’t time pass slowly at the moment, but quickly in perspective?  Anyway…I better concentrate on all the work (and reading) that I have to do…it’s good to focus on something definite.

Natalie Gorna

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