I can’t control my despair

The Examiner PubTool (publishing tool) is having “technical difficulties” again, which means that I can’t rate the books or movies I’m reviewing, I’m having problems with my tutoring clients again because I lost another one (without any prior notice, I might add), and I just…I really, really…I really and truly wish that I could be somewhere else, in a different time, because this century is utter misery.  I try, and try, and TRY, and I can’t succeed with anything.  I can’t even publish my poor reviews.  What a life.  And this is living?  I really…hate all this.  This modern society, “progress”, everything…it all is a mess, nonsense, etc.  Well, I better try and finish my movie and book reviews for this week, whether I can publish them properly or not.

Natalie Gorna

One thought on “I can’t control my despair

  1. doysl January 20, 2011 / 07:01

    Sometimes—some people have them often, some seldom, some never—we experience despair. But if to believe the life is cyclic, the better times come after the times of despair. I hope everything will be all right after all.


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