My life is always in ruins

What a return to life’s realities for me.  Not only do I have to still cope with my current living/housing conditions, I had to learn today, only two hours before my appointment, that I have lost another client for tutoring who has failed to abide by my cancellation policy and who has treated me without courtesy.  Moreover, this “pattern” of rudeness is an exact copy of another client’s behavior in the past.  If only the Examiner paid me what they ought to for my reviews (at least minimum wage)…then I wouldn’t have to be advertising myself as a tutor.  I could concentrate all my energy (like I’m doing now) on my two writing gigs, which, for the record, are the only stable jobs I have had so far since entering the job market.  Speaking of the Examiner, here is my end-of-the-year tally for my total book reviews and movie reviews for the year of 2010 (N.B.  This tally will be up-to-date when I have published my final reviews for this week):

Total book reviews for 2010 since the start of my position as the Fresno Literature Examiner:


Total movie reviews for 2010 since the start of my position as the Fresno Movie Examiner:


It’s impressive, right?  I promise to post a special video from YouTube on the day of my one-year anniversary as an Examiner writer.  I do wish the Examiner would give me a bonus or a raise, at least…

Further agenda for this week is as follows: first, I will not be celebrating New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.  The library is closed on both “holidays,” so I’ll also be offline on those two days.  Secondly, I am working this week for the Examiner…the second half of my review of What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell was published minutes ago.  Also, my vindictive review of the film Grease was published as well.  One book review and one movie review finished, two more to go…with the library’s reduced hours this week, my work is certainly cut out for me, especially considering my unchanged reading list. 

Natalie Gorna