Some news

First off, Grooveshark has completely updated the entire site…AGAIN.  So that means…some of my songs in my library were missing, the whole look is brand new and semi-frustating…it takes some getting used to.  The Examiner, on the other hand, seems to have finished the update of and the new publishing tool, with a couple of technical problems here and there.  Well, I published all my movie reviews and book reviews for this week on the Examiner…I’m getting close to my 150th book review.  I reviewed this week the film Shall We Dance? (2004) and The Fairy’s Return and Other Princess Tales by Gail Carson Levine (a book review divided into five parts, and which will take up space on the Examiner for entire next week’s book reviews).  Speaking of stats, my blog’s stats will soon reach 4000 views.  That’s something.  🙂  My reading list hasn’t changed…I have enough to deal with without adding more books to my list.  I have to go update my blog’s links…by the way, have you noticed yet that it’s snowing on my blog? 😉

Natalie Gorna