One of the worst days of my life

First things first…I just watched Ironman 2!  It’s not so bad…Robert Downey Jr.  displays his nonchalance very well, and his attitude seems well suited to the superhero he is playing.  Actually, I noticed that he applied the same method of behavior/acting to his role as Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes.  I don’t know if I will officially review this film or not, but I may unofficially review it one way or another. 😉  I won’t rate it yet, though…

Anyway, about one of the worst days of my life…there are many, and one of them was, ironically, November 13th, 2010.  It seems that the bad luck surrounding the dates of October 31st and November 13th has caught up with me.  To begin my narrative…my mom and I had just arrived at the place where we sleep (in our car) at around 10:00 p.m.  Only a few minutes had passed when a police car was running straight at us.  Believe it or not, the two police officers who came went right toward us and started this whole business all over again…harrasing and intimidating us, basically.  Asking for ID…this police officer even threatened us with arrest!  Sound familiar?  They even told us that if we didn’t like their interrogation, we should have “stayed home.”  What?  I told them at the beginning of our “talk” that we were homeless.  Well, I just did some research, and there is no law saying that you have to give ID to a “police officer” without valid reason.  In fact, there is even a U.S. Supreme Court ruling to the contrary about that (which I didn’t know about, of course…the bureaucracy in this “country”!).  Did you know that in the 1980s, most of U.S. businesses were already sold to foreign merchants and businesses?  In the “old” magazine that I was reading (the Chronicle or such), the reporter said that by this time (the new millennium), the only thing in the U.S. that would “belong” to Americans, the U.S. government, etc., would be the land itself…hey, the federal government can always sell that, since they’re completely, utterly bankrupt!  Anyway, I’m digressing…well, it looks like God’s protection is worth something, because nothing serious happened in the end…except that my mom and I were in total shock, crying…talk about stress and frayed nerves! 

To end this entry, I will briefly state that I may publish my 137th book review tomorrow on the Examiner, and I will try to publish a movie review as well.

Natalie Gorna