October 29th

All week I have procrastinated writing my reviews, mainly because I was in a writer’s block.  To those who do not know what a writer’s block is like, though most of us do since we have had to write something at some point in our lives…a writer’s block is when your mind is like a leaky water faucet with comprehensive words, sentences, or paragraphs flowing out in drops instead of in a steady stream.  That is my analogy.  Anyway, today my faucet was unplugged and I am therefore publishing 2 movie reviews and one book review on the Examiner today (my book review being the 129th book review).  Since Halloween is coming up, my movie reviews reflect that “holiday,” but not my book reviews.  Well, I have writing and typing to do…hooray for the end of my writer’s block!

Natalie Gorna