October 24th

I finally published on the Examiner today the last part of my four-part review of A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn.  This was the longest book review I have ever written, totally almost 900 words (and it was my 128th book review).  That was why it had to be divided into four parts.  Just goes to show how much I enjoyed this fairy tale novel. 😉  No, seriously…maybe I got a little carried away.  I love a lot of novels, and somehow many of my favorites did not receive such a long review as A Kiss in Time did.  But that doesn’t mean that I like those novels any less.  I love E.D. Baker’s Tales of the Frog Princess series, and my reviews of every novel in that series up to now has been long.  By the way, I’m reading A Prince Among Frogs now!  It’s the final volume in the series I just mentioned.  I finished the two volumes in the Twice Upon a Time series, and due to the fact that Wendy Mass has not written any more volumes in the series since 2o06, I think it will be safe to review these two together sometime soon.  I’m also going to be re-reading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling…prepare for a controversial review! 😛  And, of course, many other books that I’ve mentioned before are in line for me to review them, like Just Ella by Margaret Haddix, Ella Enchanted by Gail Levine, and Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George with its sequel, Princess of Glass.  Don’t forget about The Grapes of Wrath…its review is due very soon. 😉  And A Prince Among Frogs will be reviewed after I finish reading it…oh, it makes my head ache to think about all those books I need to voice my opinions about! 😛  And now movies too…I need a rest.

Natalie Gorna