I return with a striking entry

On the evening of September 30, 2010, my  mom and I were sitting in our car after the library we frequently visit had closed.  We were searching the recesses of our car’s interior for a missing object without success.  Suddenly (as always), a police car parked not far from ours and we were again approached by two “police officers,” one male and one female.  Please note that the parking lot was not empty, for two other cars with their drivers and passengers were also there.  However, the “police officers” went straight to us.  And guess what?  Yes…they “got a call.”  Again.  And this time the call was about the library’s alarm system going off.  That was a lie.  We were right there, and the alarm had not gone off.  Anyway, the policewoman immediately asked for my mom’s ID, while the policeman asked me for mine (?).  When my mom asked for the reason, the policewoman replied, “Because I said so.”  Uh, we supposedly not living in a dictatorship, but a democracy.  Since when do police officers have the right to approach you out of the blue and ask for your ID if you’re not doing anything wrong?  Another discriminatory thing was that when my mom tried to stand up outside our car, the policewoman forced her to sit down and the policeman threatened my mom that if she didn’t sit down, she would be sitting in their police car.  To top it off, my mom was feeling sick and faintly, and she said so.  That was why she wanted to stand up in the first place, in the cool outside air instead of the inside of our hot car.  Moreover, after we were finished dealing with those two bozos, they didn’t go to the other two cars in the parking lot and ask the drivers for their IDs.  An obvious act of discrimination against us.  I don’t have to call these two “police officers” any more names, because their actions speak loud and clear about them.  They don’t act like police officers, that’s for sure.  I’m so sick and tired of the Fresno and Clovis Police Departments’ disgusting charades as “local law enforcement agencies.”  When will all this end for good?

Life seems to continue no matter how senseless it is.  I will be publishing my 122nd book review tomorrow on the Examiner, but my 5th movie review will be published there today (technically my 3rd, since I reviewed Quo Vadis? in three parts).  I’m still reading many books and watching different movies.  More about my literary and cinematic activities next time…

Natalie Gorna