Small changes have come

I published my 2nd movie review on the Examiner yesterday, since my 1st review became live on site a few days ago.  Today I published my 3rd movie review.  However, this means that for this week, I have only published two reviews/articles in total for my Fresno Movie Examiner gig.   I will be writing three movie reviews every week from now on in addition to my three weekly book reviews.  As for my Fresno Literature Examiner page…I’m having a writer’s block right now.  I think I’ll review Peter Pan…the really good books will be reviewed next week.  I’m too tired to review really good books this week.  But don’t get me wrong…I like Peter Pan.  The Examiner is still going through its upgrades…very irritating.  Anyway, my three book reviews for this week have yet to be composed and published.  A writer’s block is not procrastination, just lack of inspiration.  Hey, that rhymes!  In a banal kind of way.  Well, I’m trying to read now The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck…extra emphasis on trying.  This novel is not only 600 pages long, it’s a tough read!  And it doesn’t help that the characters in the book are going through the same situation and atrocities that I and my mom are going through.  It’s like reading a recap of my life.  And I’m also re-reading Just Ella by Margaret Haddix…very innovative take on the Cinderella fairy tale.  Well, my tutor status is stagnant right now…I’m advertising my services, but nothing is set in stone yet.  Well, back to the writing board…

Natalie Gorna

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