My “The Clash of the Titans” review and…

First things first…I watched The Clash of the Titans.  Finally, after waiting for such a long time (almost half a year) to see this film, I checked out the copy on hold for me at the library and settled down to enjoy myself.  Well, I have watched the old version of the same film, and this new 2010 version didn’t disappoint with its special effects like the old version did.  However, there was better acting in the old version, and the new version’s screenplay did have some problems, to say the least.  Amid the score and constant action, the story had some issues.  Like who was Io, really?  Her character didn’t get a sufficient backup story in the film and was very undefined.  And didn’t her character actually belong to another unrelated Greek myth?  I thought so.  Perseus…well, there was no romance between him and Andromeda, and he didn’t marry her like in the original Greek myth.  His overall, cynical character wasn’t very impressive, but thinking of his unusual upbringing, it’s understandable.  The non-Greek elements in the film like the giant scorpions seemed out of place, no matter how “cool” they were to add to the battle scenes.  Most of the original Greek myth about Perseus and Medusa had been cut down to size and altered until some of the myth’s more remarkable moments have been eliminated completely.  Medusa’s unfair fate can make the viewer feel sorry for her even with her “gift” of turning people into stone with one glance, but the whole relationship between Perseus and his real mother, Danaë, is not in the film.  Who can forget from the Greek myth how Perseus set out to defeat Medusa for his mother’s sake in order to save her life?  The Clash of the Titans has some interesting additions and does present Greek mythology in a new way.  The way the Greek gods and goddesses were depicted gave me something to think about, and I liked the take on Pegasus and how he did not rise out of Medusa’s blood.  But somehow, I didn’t feel altogether disappointed by the film after I finished it.  I just felt…bored.  The material was mostly new and there was no stop to the action, but the scenes didn’t flow together well and the romance the screenwriter tried to seam into the story didn’t exist at all.  I give the film 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. 

Well, to get to the point, I’m reading various novels these days.  Expect reviews of Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up this week, as well as The Incredible Journey.  I’ve re-read The Headless Cupid and The Egypt Game by Zilpha Snyder, and as soon as I finish The Egypt Game‘s sequel, The Gypsy Game, reviews of those three books will be also be published.  Alex Flinn’s novels A Kiss in Time and Beastly are on my current reading list, and a re-read of Jessica Day George’s Princess of the Midnight Ball and its sequel Princess of Glass are there too.  Not to mention Wendy Mass’  Twice Upon a Time series, and Gail Levine’s fairy tale novels.  My reading list is complex, I’ll have you know.  😛 

Today I publish my 113th article on the Examiner in their new PubTool…the Examiner upgrade is not over yet, unfortunately.  And this new publishing tool is more complicated than ever.  Well, back to reading, writing, and maybe taking on another topic… 😉 

Natalie Gorna 

Perseus (Sam Worthington) meets Pegasus in the film "The Clash of the Titans" (2010) ~ photo from