Employment at will yields pink slips

I am still recovering from yesterday’s shocking news.  On a side note, I agree with Lemony Snicket that “no news is good news” is an incorrect saying that should logically be “no news is no news.”  However, even in view of that, there are times when I think that delaying bad news is good and avoiding any news at all is justified if you want to have some peace of mind (temporarily, at least).  Anyway, I only know that I did my best at tutoring…I could not have done more than what I did.  I feel crushed that my “pink slip” came in an email sent the night before my scheduled lessons.  Most employees are laid off by their bosses personally.  I don’t know which is worse, to receive an email that says that you are without a job, or to hear those exact words from your boss to your face?  I sigh deeply for us, the unemployed…but now, I have to move on.  If I find another client for tutoring/lessons, that would be great.  Nevertheless, maybe I should concentrate on widening my horizons in the field of writing and getting more publicity for my websites.  After all, writing is one of the things, next to reading great literature, that I love to do the most…and maybe one of the things that I do the best. 🙂

Okay…back down to reality and the earth we know.  😛 I am publishing my 111th article (yahoo!) on the Examiner today, and the second part of my review of Eclipse happens to be that very article.  Happy reading…

Natalie Gorna