I feel so…depressed right now

I just found out that my tutoring lessons have been permanently cancelled.  And the people who hired me…they didn’t even have the guts to tell me about the lessons being discontinued.  Instead of telling me in person, they emailed me.  And they didn’t even let me know the last time I saw them that anything was wrong…they told me some excuses, but I am feeling truly insulted and I am feeling desperate again.  I am thinking about how everything is going downhill.  I only taught for…what?  A month?  Less than that?  This is a heavy blow to my…to my self-esteem.  I feel like I failed.  I have failed my mom.  I have failed myself.  And I just want to forget that I exist and sink into the mire I have been dropped into.  Nevermind the Examiner…I’ll still be writing my articles.  That hasn’t changed.  But my job as a tutor has ended. 

Natalie Gorna